Based in London and Hong Kong, with 25 years of experience in the financial services industry, Codex offers a range of technical and business advisory services to Funds Managers.

With expertise in Middle and Back Office processes and systems, Codex can offer consultancy to both start-ups and established firms who need help in streamlining their operations through improved technology and business process optimisation.

Many Funds use Excel extensively. We can audit the models and assist with improving their robustness and usability while removing errors. We can also rebuild them into robust Excel applications or look at ways to replace them with vendor specific solutions that may be more appropriate.

PE Funds
We can help to build Excel models for fund raising, fund planning and oversight, risk assessment and management investment performance as well as a multitude of other tasks. many PE funds do not have dedicated technology for these tasks and rely on Excel for them. We can also advise on specific solutions for Portfolio Monitoring and Value Creation in PE Funds.

Hedge Fund Operations
We review current Back and Middle office operations to see how they can be streamlined and better integrated into existing technology. We also work with PBs and Fund Administrators to assist with efficient delivery of their reporting data so it can be integrated to existing workflows more effectively.

Middle & Back Office Systems
We have expertise in a number of key OMS, EMS, PMS, Risk and Accounting Systems. We know how to integrate them into workflows to maximize their utility and provide full STP. This speeds up processes and makes them more efficient, but more importantly, it serves to reduce costly errors. We can build and integrate monitoring and process checks into all operations so as to catch mistakes early on and prevent them from propagating. We work closely with key vendors and advise clients on the products that most suit their needs and budgets. As we are completely independent we are not biased in our advice as we treat vendors only on the merits of their products and services and how suitable they are for each specific client.

Trade & Cash Reconciliations
We can assist with the Trade Reconciliation process. Often this is a very manual process which can be time consuming and inaccurate. We can build robust but simple to use Excel solutions that will greatly enhance these processes. These can be used for daily trade and position reconciliations with Prime Brokers, Cash reconciliations, Swap Resets and end of month reconciliations with Fund Administrators.