Spreadsheet Audits


We offer a full auditing and reparation service.


  • Comprehensive Audit Review by Financial Analysts & Spreadsheet Development Experts
  • Detailed graded report on findings clearly identifying all realised and latent errors
  • Specific Recommendations to correct errors, eliminate risk, and permanently prevent recurrence


  • Fix all errors throughout the spreadsheet model or report
  • Eliminate fixed-value formulas and replace with fully-referenced formulas
  • Eliminate all columnar/row formula inconsistencies
  • Dramatically improve calculation efficiency
  • Build in robustness to enable future error free modifications


  • Redesign the spreadsheet structure to make it more intuitive
  • Fully protect worksheets and sub-components from modification or deletion
  • Add intrinsic automated error checks and alerts
  • Add extensive data validation checks and controls
  • Add comprehensive set of user help and explanatory features