Excel Consultancy


Codex has extensive experience and expertise in building Robust and Flexible Excel applications. These applications can be easily modified and enhanced over time and used confidently without errors. Designed as flexible applications, they can be built quickly and efficiently to perform a multitude of tasks with varying levels of automation provided by robust VBA code.

Many of our solutions are still running after 15 years and include most or all of the following design parameters:

  • Redesigned spreadsheet structure to enhance productivity, ease of use and robustness.
  • Fully protected worksheets and sub-components to prevent unintended modification or deletion by users.
  • User and Admin Mode with password protection. Admin Mode enables key people to make modifications to the structure and, once tested, the application can be reverted to User Mode which is then locked down.
  • Robust referencing using defined names and intersections that prevent referencing errors and make modifications quick and easy.
  • Easy importing of data into the model from SQL or other Excel or CSV type files. This is usually fully automated.
  • Use of our extensive library of generic VBA code to automate many tasks such as enabling dynamic auto-filters and sorts at the touch of a button as well as custom code to perform bespoke automation.
  • Addition of intrinsic automated error checks and alerts.
  • Addition of extensive data validation checks and controls.
  • Addition of flexible dashboards that allow easy viewing, printing or saving to PDF for distribution.
  • Addition of a comprehensive set of user help and explanatory features.

We can:

  • Review existing Excel workbooks and analyse their accuracy and fitness for purpose.
  • Upgrade or completely rewrite existing Excel workbooks as required.
  • Fix or rewrite VBA code as required.
  • Plan and design models from scratch in conjunction with intended users.
  • Assist with inherited legacy Excel workbooks where no-one really knows how they work.

Expertise includes:

  • Data processing applications
  • Valuation and Cashflow analysis models
  • Reconciliation engines
  • Reporting and Data Transformation engines
  • Automating data transferring between different vendor systems
  • Dashboards

We also offer onsite Excel Training.


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